General standard terms and conditions

§ 1 Scope of application

The following general standard terms and conditions shall apply exclusively as amended at the time of ordering for the business relations between Hörtnagl Handelshaus GmbH and the buyer – as well as for all future businesses. Different terms and conditions of the buyer shall not be accepted.

§ 2 Delivery

Unless otherwise agreed, the delivery ex warehouse shall be made to the specified delivery address. If the address is changed afterwards, the confirmation of the seller shall be required. Additional costs which result from wrong address, default of acceptance or refusal of acceptance are chargeable to the buyer. Plus shipping costs, which are announced at the auctions. The buyer takes on the risk of transport. On special request the delivery can be insured (and even the insurance can be increased). Possible additional costs are chargeable to the buyer. Details about delivery times are not binding. Upon delivery abroad longer delivery times may arise.

§ 3 Due Date

The purchase price is due immediately at the time of purchase. The buyer can pay the purchase price plus shipping costs by transfer within 10 days from the day of ordering.

Bank connections:


Bank details: Hypo Tirol Bank AG

Hörtnagl Handelshaus GmbH


IBAN:AT 965 700 030 053 402 949


§ 4 Reservation of ownership

The delivered goods shall remain property of Hörtnagl Handelshaus GmbH until full payment.

§ 5 Retention of purchased goods – participation in different auctions

There is no right to retention of purchased goods. In general, the specified shipping costs per article shall apply. If some articles cannot be dispatched in one parcel due to the state (e.g. size), the specified fees shall be charged. In case of doubt, the specified shipping costs per article shall be paid.

§ 6 Protection of data privacy

The buyer has been informed by Hörtnagl Handelshaus GmbHabout the following: type, scope, place and purpose of the collection of the personal data; the processing and use of personal data, which is required for the execution of orders, for the registration of the e-mail notification service and for the online review. The buyer expressly agrees to the collection, processing and use of the personal data.

§ 7 Governing law, place of performance, legal venue

Austrian law shall apply exclusively under the exclusion of UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Innsbruck/Austria is stated as the exclusive legal venue for all the claims in connections with the business relations. Innsbruck is agreed as place of performance.

§ 8 Rights of the buyer according to Distance Selling Act (Taking back)

The ordered goods can be returned without any specified reason within 14 days of receipt of delivery. The resulted risk of transport bears the buyer. The seller must not incur additional costs by the return of goods. Postal charges are chargeable to the buyer – this excludes incorrect deliveries and products, which arrive with transport damage or defective. The offered free return of goods is a service of willingness of obliges of Hörtnagl Handelshaus GmbHand must not be granted. Unless the goods arrive completely and undamaged at the seller, the price of purchase will be refunded immediately. The claim of damages through the buyer is excluded.

§ 9 Quality, representation, description of the article

The representation of the article on the website, as far as possible, match the real products. It concerns in particular the form, colour and purity of the illustration. The labels on the products may differ from the products. The differences are possible because of different colour settings of the used hardware (e.g. LCD monitor and graphics card). All photographic illustrations are enlarged or scaled down. The real measurements can be seen in the description of the article. Details of quality of the products correspond certain batches and may differ according to the batch (this is quoted on each bottle)! Liability in this matter cannot be taken.

§ 10 Liability

It is referred, that the buyer must study the description of the product and manufacturer’s information in advance. The buyer must keep to it without exception. Therefore the buyer waive any liability of the supplier in case of characteristics, mode of action and consequences of the product usage, insofar as no intent or gross negligence exists on the part of the supplier.

The business basis of this contract is as followed: the use of the sold product is subject of expert supervision and advice, so that the liability of the supplier can be excluded for any consequences. Any damage, which is caused by the use of the purchased product, cannot be claimed with the supplier, insofar as no gross negligence exists.


§ 11 Rates

All rates are inclusive of the legal valid Austrian VAT of 20 % or rather 10 %. 

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